Are You a Victim of Groupthink? 3 Steps to Empower Yourself

This is about finding personal authenticity, in a world of syntheticity.

It’s pretty commonplace for authenticity to mean upholding one’s own personality, spirit or character. Syntheticity doesn’t formally exist, but for me, it boils down to this:

Syntheticity is the artificial notion that things are the way they are, and we must accept them, even if they go against our personal nature.

Syntheticity is alive and well – but it doesn’t have to be. Further in the article, I’ll explain three steps you can take to avoid groupthink and empower yourself.   If anything, just know: It’s OK to go in your own direction.


Feeding Your Sexual Aura and Building Confidence

Starting today – and this whole month – I want to get deep with you about sexuality.

Over the years, I’ve developed this unique sense of confidence in my sexuality.  Don’t get me wrong, I still have exploring to do personally.  But I have a sense of confidence in that realm that plays a huge role in my sense of self.

Your identity is deeply tied to your sexuality.  I mean people, we’re human.  It’s a part of life and evolution.  Yet, despite all the science, we as the busy people we are in this modern world, tend to neglect the hell out of this inherent part of us.

Why investing in your sexuality is important

I recently picked up a book called The Science of Remarkable Sex by Amber Cole to read with a friend, which I’m stoked about.  We read a few chapters each week and have quite the stimulating book club, if you will (kidding). I’m going to be sharing some main takeaways along with my thoughts over the coming weeks — the first being that our ideation of achieving ‘perfect’ sex says a lot about us.

Cole states that some people believe in sexual destiny, which goes along the lines of one’s sexual abilities being capped at a certain point.  For them, what makes for a ‘perfect’ sexual experience is sharing it with a single, destined partner.  Basically, it’s the right person that will make the experience almighty.

Then there’s the other category, those who believe in sexual growth.

Those with a growth belief imagined sexual satisfaction to be honed like a skill, which required hard work and a certain amount of time