3 Tips to Manifest the Law of Attraction

You’re vulnerable.

I’m vulnerable.

Just yesterday, someone told me this.  And it’s true.  We can only have control over so much. As humans, we aren’t invincible.

As people, however, we have the power use our vulnerability to our advantage. The funny thing is, most people don’t.  I see the people around me get wrapped up in the fear of their external problems all the time.

You aren’t making enough money. You don’t have enough friends. You aren’t getting the results you want in school or work.  These themes come up constantly, and they drive the average person’s life.

But what if you could see that you do have some money.  You do have that really solid friend or two.  You did succeed in that one assignment, or with that one manager for a moment.  I promise, things are better than you think they are.  Vulnerability can be an asset. Let’s explore the power in the Law of Attraction.

The Law of Attraction

Your mind is a powerful thing, you may have heard.   What you focus on with your mind has the potential to attract similar forces into your everyday reality. If you think positively and outwardly, uplifting people, beautiful opportunities, and exciting events are likely to come your way.  The same, however, is true with negative thoughts.  This — in essence — is the Law of Attraction.

In short: “Like attracts like.”

If you strive for self-driven happiness (as detailed in my last post) , I believe the Law of Attraction will work in your favor and radically improve your quality of life.

It comes down to focus.

We focus on physical health all the time.  Yet we seemingly forget to check-in with our mental health, unless an extreme hurdle is in our way like depression or anxiety.

Do you ever make small changes to your diet? Maybe cutting down on the sugar or carbs, or actively trying to get more protein in.  It’s the same with your mental health.  Things are functioning just fine right now, but what if they could be better? Input leads to output.

If you welcome the forces of life that make us vulnerable, you have a better shot at being resilient and creative in continually moving forward. Here are some three practical tips to successfully embrace the Law of Attraction:

1. Be mindful of what you currently have 

Being mindful means you’re being more conscious and aware. Present, if you will.

I remember the days when I used to live in auto-pilot.  Man, what a dull life I lived going through the motions with only brief moments of excitement.  But you know what, this year I woke up.  I realized I’m 21-years-old finishing my last year of college… a uniquely beautiful time in my life full of self-discovery, youthful energy and a lifetime of opportunity ahead.

Something truly detrimental has to happen for me to have a bad day nowadays.  Because otherwise, I’m mindful of how much I have in this moment.  I may not know you, and exactly what you’re enduring, but I have the strongest feeling in my heart that you have an abundance to be happy for. Find a way to be present in your everyday life.

Sometimes in class, I’ll take two minutes to feel my physical being sitting in that chair and listening to the professor’s voice, immensely grateful to be progressing my education. It’s really as simple as that.  Take in what’s in front of you.

2. Check-in with yourself, on a regular and scheduled basis

Do this on a micro and macro level.  It’s a goddamn game-changer.

Micro: Once a day, I ask myself:

What’s my purpose?

I typically do this while I’m waiting for my coffee to brew.  I do this because I take in that lovely aroma, activating one of my usually forgotten senses, as I take in the glorious smell of coffee. I swear, there’s nothing like it.  But anyways, I’m happy in that moment, about to start my day with a wonderful boost of caffeine.  I take just a minute to answer that basic question, sometimes referring to my purpose for that day, but usually my purpose in life. That single minute makes all the difference in feeling motivated and attracting good forces my way for the day.

Macro: About every two weeks, I plan out an hour in my calendar where I sit down and reflect.

What have I accomplished in the last two weeks? Have I touched on my overarching goals (my triad: health, career dreams, & personal development)? I write down concrete examples.  I relive the emotions running through me in the moments of small wins.  Me, right there, right then… that was happiness.

Which leads me to my step, “What can I do to achieve that happiness again over the next two weeks? In what new ways can I discover success?” This is the best way to actively attract what makes you happy into your life.

If you don’t schedule it in, and you’re busy like I am, you’re simply not going to make ample time to check-in with yourself (that you honestly owe to yourself).

3. Please, let go

We all seem to be waiting for an apology from someone who hurt us or wronged us, deeply. We beat ourselves up for missed opportunities and mistakes.  Tell me you haven’t replayed moments in your mind where painful emotions ran strong.

But, those were the past.  And this is the present.  Keeping your mind preoccupied with tough moments of the past is going to lead to long days in the future – and ultimately, negative attraction.

Greet the vulnerability of each new day with a big hug of flexibility.

If you can roll with the punches a little easier, life will be good to you.  I was high on life the other day and accidentally got on the wrong bus, going in the exact opposite direction of home. In the past, I would’ve been stressing about how it would put me behind in time and how the next bus I needed was far away. My mind a race.

But I giggled at my imperfection, my little mistake. It was in fact little. Nothing to be so intimated and hurt by.

In a nutshell, change your story

Accept your vulnerability. Replay your moments with a good mind frame.  Stay on top of your near future, regularly checking-in with your priorities.  It’s hard to go astray from your long-term dreams when you’re conscious of your short-term ones.

Mindfulness will aid you greatly with attracting opportunities, but it’s up to you to take action.

And with that, I leave you with my skydiving adventure from last weekend.  I literally and figuratively let go of so much, feeling more present and in tune with my senses than ever before. Following that, I had one of the best weeks of my life rich with opportunity. You wouldn’t believe it.


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