How to Make Big Asks and Exciting Moves

Ask for what you want. It sounds easy, doesn’t it?

The most progressive people in this world get ahead because they go for the ask. They make unwavering moves and ask for big things – even if they are uncomfortable, nervous or down right scared of failure.

To propel forward, make some pretty crazy asks of others, and of yourself. You will stand out from the rest, earn respect for being bold and grow tremendously.

I have outlined a few concrete ways you can ask with the intention of expanding. There is a silver lining, though: ask in appropriate context and provide value. There must be a concrete reason for the ask and a value offering to the person who may give you their time, resources or support.

Brace yourself, and challenge the damn status quo. 

Here are three situational ways the forward-thinker can make unapologetic asks and kill it:


Are You a Victim of Groupthink? 3 Steps to Empower Yourself

This is about finding personal authenticity, in a world of syntheticity.

It’s pretty commonplace for authenticity to mean upholding one’s own personality, spirit or character. Syntheticity doesn’t formally exist, but for me, it boils down to this:

Syntheticity is the artificial notion that things are the way they are, and we must accept them, even if they go against our personal nature.

Syntheticity is alive and well – but it doesn’t have to be. Further in the article, I’ll explain three steps you can take to avoid groupthink and empower yourself.   If anything, just know: It’s OK to go in your own direction.